Via Kristen at Bleach Black.

A few things about this video:

1. The song, by How to Destroy Angels, immediately made me wonder if the Sneaker Pimps had reunited (or maybe they are still around?) and collaborated with Trent Reznor. I quickly realized this band has a song on the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo soundtrack, so question sort of answered. 

2. I was disappointed by the lack of a big, bombastic drop. Does this mean I have been inadvertently ruined by occasional exposure to dubstep?

3. The video was better than the song (rare). But it also reminded me of my dream from last night, in which a friend killed her mother and a group of us had to help dispose of the body in a gruesome way. I couldn’t determine if the visual coincidence between the awful dream and the video was bad or just interesting, so I’ve posted it here in order to forget that this is the second time I’ve recently dreamt about cleaning up a murder.